There’s something about chocolate chip cookies that gets everyone feeling a little nostalgic. While a simple cookie by nature, there are so many twists and variations that can take this dessert to the next level. Chicago has an amazing cookie culture, with bakery owners and pastry chefs who pull out all the stops. We’ve scoured the city for some of the best chocolate chip cookies. It was both fun and extremely filling. Nevertheless, we’re pretty confident that after tasting some of these, you’ll never go store-bought again.

Rice Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie from Summer House Santa Monica

Each bite is full of more flavor and texture than the next. But what makes this bakery best seller extra special is the sticky, crunchy and perfectly baked brown butter rice crispy squares sitting on top of this enormous cookie. Eat them first, save them for last or put together the perfect bite—there’s no wrong way to devour this one.

1954 N. Halsted Street, Chicago