From roast chicken to octopus stew, here’s what Michelin-starred chefs cook up when the whites come off

If you’re short on time and want to get to know a city, food is the ultimate passport. Slow-braised vegetables in Berlin or moreish tostadas in Mexico City will tell you more about a place, its history and culture than a whole afternoon on an open top-tourist bus.

For the ultimate inside scoop, top chefs in six international cities have shared what they like to eat once they’ve hung up their whites for the night.


Chicago’s food scene has the buzz of New York without the Big Apple attitude. Everest is one of the city’s oldest fine dining institutions, rising above the South Loop like its mountainous namesake on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange building. With one Michelin star, Jean Joho’s menu is firmly rooted in Alsatian cuisine, including his renowned Maine lobster with Gewürztraminer butter. Joho’s favourite family meal is another Alsatian classic: “Baeckeoffe or ‘baker’s oven’ is a traditional casserole I remember fondly from my childhood. It’s a hearty dish that’s meant to be shared with friends and family. It’s cooked slowly and the aroma of meat, simmering with potatoes, leeks and Alsace Riesling wafts through the room. It’s perfect for a winter evening in Alsace, or in Chicago, where I live now.”